German-Egyptian Exchange – the Alumni event

Datum: 11.09.2020 - 12.09.2020, digital workshops, talks and more

Grown Grassroots – the German-Egyptian Alumni event

Friday evening and Saturday (11.+ 12.9.2020) for Alumni only

After 7 years of the exchange program „Growing Grassroots“ we have our first reunion and alumni meeting: the „Grown Grassroots“.

On 11th and 12th of September we will have a private program looking back and into the future together. We want to network, develop visions and have fun together.We are planning a crazy meeting with energizers and games, working groups, an OpenSpace and of course PARTY. We will even try to have different tables at the same time where you can sit down with the ones you want to talk more.

To participate you have to register in time with this Google-form.

After checking your registration you will get all information to log into the Zoom-meetings.
If you have questions, you can write us an e-mail.

Although we are motivating everyone to attend the whole event, you can also just join for individual sessions. Please let us know which sessions you will attend in the registration. To keep everyone updated on the upcoming sessions etc. we will have a WhatsApp group (you get the invitation with your registration information).
Furthermore, we are looking forward to lots of ideas for the OpenSpace. No matter if you want to do a discussion on saving the world, have a joined vegan cooking session, relax together with Yoga or have a walk in the woods together – everything is possible (well, nearly everything). Let us know as soon as possible if you want to offer something for OpenSpace.

Here is the planned timetable:

Friday (11.9.2020)
6.30 pm  –  Check-In
7.00 pm  –  Welcome Session
7.45 pm  –  Get to know each other
8.30 pm  –  Look-out for tomorrow
9.00 pm  –  Closing Energizer
9.30 pm  –  Free chatting

Saturday (12.9.2020)

10.00 am  –  Check-In Session
10.20 am  –  Developing a Growing Grassroots network
12.00 am  –  Lookout to Open Space
12.30 am  –  Break
02.00 pm  –  Open Space Sessions
03.00 pm  –  Break
03.30 pm  –  Improving organizing Growing Grassroots (for former organizers)
Improving the GrGr exchange (for former participants)
05.30 pm  –  Break
06.30 pm  –  Evening Session with picture show, music, networking groups, generation exchange, …
09.00 pm  –  Open room & Open end