Ägyptenaustausch 2019

Datum: 02.08.2019 - 01.10.2019, 1. Teil in Berlin 2.-15.8.; 2. Teil in Ägypten Ende September
Ort: Berlin
Zielgruppe: 18-26 Jahre
Anmerkungen: Bewerbung (Deutschland) bis 15.4.2019
Preis: 450€ (inkl. Flug, Unterkunft, Programm) EUR

Waves of Change

German-Egyptian youth exchange 2019


The sea level is rising and the deserts are spreading. People die of thirst during extreme droughts – others drown due to heavy rainfalls. We buy a new pair of jeans that uses 8,000 liters of fresh water in manufacturing, while 2.1 billion people have no access to clean drinking water.

Let’s talk about water! Water is the basis for every life on our planet. However, it is limited, it is unequally distributed and it gets more and more polluted.

It is time to ask ourselves: Where does our every day water come from, where is the wastewater flowing and how can we keep it clean? How much water do we use and how can we reduce our water footprint? It is time for us to take care of the water!

What have we planned?

We explore the topic with 14 young people between 18 and 26 years from Germany and Egypt who are interested in environmental issues: We want to understand how water in our cities is determined and what global contexts are behind it. However, we also want to know what we can change concretely. Whether on the Spree or on the Nile, in the forests of Brandenburg or in the Egyptian desert: We can discover solutions for our water problems everywhere.

For four weeks, we visit projects and workshops, make excursions and discuss together. We want to bring open-minded people together to get to know each other and stimulate an exchange of thoughts. Since everyone will be a foreigner and local at some point we will have the opportunity to learn from each other and share our experience fostering a mutual understanding. And, of course, you will have some free time to explore your surroundings and have fun together!

The exchange will take place in the upcoming summer in Berlin (02.-15. August 2019) and Cairo (2 weeks end of September 2019). We will divide The German part into two sections: From the 2nd to 11th of august we will stay in a beautifully situated guest house in the south of Berlin, cook on our own and organize our communal life together. The other days up to the 15th we will go to a nice place in the nature of Brandenburg where we also stay in a self-organized guesthouse.

In Egypt we will stay in basic hostels together in Cairo and possibly in Alexandria. After the two weeks, you have the possibility to prolong your stay in Egypt for one more week and travel through the country on your own expense.


The deadline to apply is already over. You might want to register for our newsletter (Germans) or like our Facebook page (general) to get information about future exchanges in time.

To apply you have to be between 18 and 26 years old and living permenantly in either Germany or Egypt. It is not important that you already know a lot about the topic but that you are motivated to learn and attend during the whole program. We will stay together all the time and have program from morning to late at night sometimes. It’s not necessary to be fluent in English, but you should have a certain level because the whole program will be in English. The exchange fee for German participants is 450€ and includes flights, accommodation, food, and the program.

More information

The exchange program „Growing GRASSroots“ is a Youth-led environmentally-focused exchange program between Cairo and Berlin with the main aim of building bridges between both countries through sharing environmental knowledge, practices, and initiatives; in order to create a base of conscious youth capable of thinking sustainably and critically. Workshops, group discussions, DIYs, field trips, and much more take place throughout the program with this year’s main theme “Water” being discussed thoroughly in both durations in Berlin and in Cairo. The exchange highly depends on active participants using and filling the space we are creating and taking responsibility for the group (including facilitation, cooking, cleaning and trustful communication).

The project is organized by participants of last years exchanges and coordinated by BUNDjugend Berlin (Young Friends of the Earth Berlin), AYCM (Arab Youth Climate Movement Egypt) and icealex innovation hub. It is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office as part of Transformation Partnership.

For more information check out our website, blog or Facebook page of the exchange. For questions please write to aegyptenaustausch@bundjugend-berlin.de or call BUNDjugend Berlin (030-3928280)


What? German-Egyptian Youth Exchange “Waves of Change“

When? 2.8. – 15.8.2019 in Berlin, Germany  &  2 weeks end of September in Egypt (probably Cairo + Alexandria). You have the opportunity to extend your stay for one week (7 days) on your own expenses.

Who? 14 participants each from Egypt and Germany between 18 and 26

Theme? Water (from water as a habitat over water as a ressource to virtual water and political conflicts)

Participation fee? For Germans participation fee is 450€ (including accomodation & food for 4 weeks, program and flights from and to Berlin).For Egyptians participation fee will be between 5.000-6.000 EGP.

How to apply? The application deadline is over.  Application form (please apply in English)