Wir bereiten schon fleißig das nächste MITwirken vor!
Komm auf jeden Fall vorbei und lass Dich überraschen, was wir aus den ganzen Tetrapacks basteln - es dreht sich nämlich alles um UPCYLING! :-)

Dienstag 28.3. um 18.30 Uhr im BUNDjugend Berlin Büro.

Alle Infos findest Du hier: www.facebook.com/events/405041053209930/
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Share this call for participants if you know people who might be interested.
- 18-26 years,
- living in Egypt or Germany,
- interested in a better world with less trash

It is an awsome exchange with inspiring people and the organizing team is doing a great job. So: don't miss it. :-)

You can also invite your friends directly to the Facebook-event: German-Egyptian Youth Exchange "Don't waste your future!"
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Apply now for the German-Egyptian youth exchange "Don't waste your future!" Two weeks in Germany and Egypt full of fun, exciting people and of course a packed program around the issue waste and what ...

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Welcome to this introduction text about trash. We have the best trash! It’s everywhere! It lasts forever! Believe us! They tried to get rid of nuclear waste for years now. Couldn’t do it. Total losers! Let’s make trash great again! From this day forward it’s going to be only: trash first! As funny as it … Continue reading Call for Participants 2017: Don’t Waste Your Future!

Update Person 3: No Palm-Oil It’s really getting better! During shopping I get used to the checking the food before I buy it and I found some alternatives for my favorite things with palm oil I bought before the challenge started. But because of my birthday last week I have now many chocolate at home … Continue reading The “food” Challenge: Week 3 & 4

Update Person 4: Zero Waste Overall I can’t say that my challenge was a success, at a lot of points I lost the motive to do anything, as I discovered that I still don’t believe in how much an individual can make a change or an impact on the environment. I always underestimated that.  However … Continue reading The “Change a habit”-Challenge: Week 3 & 4

Update Person 3: No Palm-Oil I began this week buying small chocolate-covered cream cakes because I really wanted them (naturally they contained palm oil so I failed right from the start :D). But apart from that I checked the ingredients of every product before buying it, I rarely bought finished products and I started to buy “Fairtrade” … Continue reading The “Food”-Challenge: Week 2

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