Anmeldung Südafrika

Application German-South African exchange 2023

Hier kannst Du Dich für die deutsch-südafrikanische Jugendbegegnung bewerben. Bitte nimm Dir etwas Zeit die Fragen kurz (!) zu beantworten, damit wir einen Eindruck von Dir bekommen. Solltest Du Dich mit Englisch/Schreiben schwer tun, melde Dich nochmal.

*“ zeigt erforderliche Felder an

The application process is not meant to find the most experienced persons who already know everything. We will rather try to create a group with people from all kind of different backgrounds and experiences with diverse perspectives.

We especially encourage people with fewer opportunities or who experienced discrimination to apply. You can mention this at "Anything else?".

In general, it is not important whether you already know a lot about the topic, but that you are motivated to learn and engage actively in the program.

Personal information

Name (as in passport)*
Please give your full name (it has to match your passport, because we use this data to book flights, visa etc.)
Date of birth*
You have to be at least 18 years old in February and maximum 26 years in November to participate.
Please state which gender you are (e.g. male, female, else, *, x, ...)
Please give your e-mail adress on which we can reach you reliably. Double check for typing errors!
Please give your phone number (mobile) so we can contact you in case of urgent questions or information.
Please give the adress where you are living at the moment. (Please be aware, that only people living in Germany can apply).
What nationality do you have (passport)?

Experience & Environmental Awareness

Please answer following questions to allow us to get to know you a little bit.
And don't worry: we want an interesting mixture of experienced and unexperienced people so you don't have to be an expert to apply.
You can keep your answers short.

(max. 200 words or 3-5 sentences)
What are you doing (e.g. studying xyz, working, ...)?
What are you doing in your "free" time? Are you engaged in any organization/network (youth/environmental/political/social/...)?
(max. 200 words or 3-5 sentences)
What do you want to learn during the exchange?
Do you have any skill or a topic you can (and might want to) share with the group?
(max. 200 words or 3-5 sentences)
During the exchange, we want to create our sustainable stories and share it with the public. Therefore, we want to create videos, blogs or podcasts. Let us know if you have any experince in video editing, podcasting, layouting (e.g. with Canva) you bring into the exchange.
Convince us, why you are the right person for the exchange. 😉
How will you help to make the exchange more colourful, more diverse, more fun, more productive, different, ...

Your space

What do you want to highlight? What do you want to tell us that didn't have space before?
Is there anything else we should know about you? Do you have any needs we should be aware about so you're comfortable to participate?
It's totally fine to leave this blank.

Final part

- I confirm that I read and understood the "Terms of participation".
- I confirm that I read and agree to the "data security guidlines" and especially agree that my application is shared with the organizing team for the selction process.
- I'm willing to contribute actively before and during the seminar.

If you need our terms of participation in English, please get in contact with us!
Active and constant participation is expected (staying with the group during the exchange, attending workshops, ...).

Zum Schutz vor Spam bitten wir dich die angebenen beiden Wörter in das Eingabefeld einzutippen. Sollten die Wörter nicht gut lesbar sein, kannst du über das kleine "Neu laden"-Symbol rechts neben den Wörtern ein neues Captcha anfordern.